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I created this Blog as a catalogue for articles and clippings about ABBA from Australian newspapers and magazines from the 70's. If you have any articles you would like to share, please email them to me to be included.
I am also interested in buying any Aussie articles or scrapbooks. Just drop me a line.

Jan 8, 2011

Even ABBA Get Nervous

The Sun - 1 March 1977

ABBA Gets A Moomba Welcome !

The Sunday Press - 6 March 1977
Gotta love the last line in the second article - "Will ABBA be remembered in 10 years time ?"

Water-Loo !

The Sun - 4 March 1977
The rain really was the main headline for the first Sydney concert ..
I look at the pictures with all the umbrellas and still can't believe I was there - right up front

ABBA Makes History In Australia

Great RCA flyer showing record sales - in comparison to population - we really were obsessed !

ABBA - Stars Of Moomba 1977

Moomba Newsletter - January 1977

Jan 7, 2011

'National' Newspaper Advertisment

From The Sun - 16 November 1977
Part of the advertising campaign that ABBA were involved in for products from 'National'
"Buy one of these TV's now - they come preloaded with ABBA !"

They're Here Today . . 200 Police Guard ABBA

Front page of the Sunday Telegraph - 27 February 1977

Let's ABBA Real Clean-Up

18 April 1977
I think some of us still use these clever little 'ABBA' lines - but how can we resist ? :)

30,000 Give ABBA The Jitters

From The Daily Telegraph - 1 March 1977

They're Here !

Front page of the Daily Mirror - 27 February 1977
How exciting was it ???

Glitter And Glory / The Frasers Loved You

From the Sunday Press - 6 March 1977
I just love these live shots - couldn't care less about the Frasers though !

Whoops ! ABBA's Slip Is Showing

From the Daily Telegraph - 4 March 1977
Terrible thing to happen to Frida during their first concert in Sydney - and who was that silly woman on some silly ABBA program talking about Frida falling on her 'bottom' ? Doesn't look like her bottom to me !

Agnetha's Bottom Tops Dull Show

This article from The Daily Mirror always really annoyed me !

ABBA Through 1976

A nice article from a magazine giving a run down of ABBA through 1976 in Australia

ABBA The Movie

Here is a small clipping from a newspaper in 1978 - love the heading !